Central Station Monitoring

Central Station MonitoringCentral Station Monitoring

Central Station Monitoring

Central Station Monitoring is vitally important as it provides the final link to your protective devices.

Protect Alarms is proud to have our own U L Listed Central Station in our Allentown PA office. It is staffed by people we investigate, hire, and train to meet our high standards. Most alarm companies use third party Central Stations. Companies that use these Central Stations lose quality control and direct supervision.

All equipment in our Central Station in Allentown is duplicated for redundancy. We have a backup generator in case of electrical loss. In the event of a local disaster, our Central Station is backed up by our disaster recovery center located in Colorado.

In addition to the usual police and fire department dispatches, we can also alert keyholders, maintenance people, service personnel, etc.

We provide our monitoring over telephone lines, internet, or cellular which can also allow users to receive signals on their smart phones or computers.